Larry "At Work" Taking Photos For "Sedona In The Snow" Video

Our Story

Here's how it all began...

Long long ago, back in 2000, we were traveling full-time in our RV, exploring all kinds of beautiful places. We were captivated by the awe-inspiring beauty of our planet Earth. So much so, we hiked all day and took hundreds of pictures, the best of which we printed out each night in our RV and added to our scrapbook, documenting our adventures.

Eventually, we took a break from traveling and bought a home in a retirement community in the Southwest. The community had a large movie auditorium where the Photo Club met and shared work with other club members. We decided to share our travels by creating VHS tapes with photos set to music. The technique we used to bring the photos alive is called the "Ken Burns Effect" - which uses smooth, slow pans and zooms on a still image to create movement. We then synchronized the photos to music to enhance the viewers experience - making them magical.

(As an aside: Ken Burns is a world-renown filmmaker. He created this technique and has used it in his 20+ films for the past 40 years. His films have astonished and captivated the world and have won Emmy Awards.)

The VHS video programs we created were well-received by the Club. The members encouraged us to put together more programs. They suggested we share them with the nursing homes in the area.

We did just that. We started a company and named it "Earth VideoWorks" - in honor of our Earth.

We created a series of monthly programs and contacted all the nursing homes in the area. Every one of them signed up to receive the programs to show in their facilities. Our passion was to bring the outdoors to those who could no longer make those journeys into nature. The nursing homes loved them!

About 7 months after we started the monthly series we ran out of our own photos. So, we started contacting photographers and artists to feature their work in our programs.

We developed a network of distributors in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Customers include Assisted Living Facilities, Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes, Alzheimer's and Memory Care Facilities, Hospice, Hospitals and other Health Care Facilities.

And, here we are today, 20 years later. We have evolved as the leader in creating ambient relaxation video programs which feature the work of some of America's top artists and nature photographers. Over the years, we made the programs available exclusively on DVDs. Many have won Telly Awards - the highest award for non-broadcast video.

What sets us apart from other Content creators is our UNIQUE content. Our programs are diverse, beautiful and TIMELESS, bringing peace and tranquility to viewers. Also, Larry is an artist, as well as a photographer, and has a technical background in programming computers! When you put those all together you get magic! His art is seen in our programs: Color Therapy, Color Waves, DreamScapes, Kaleido Therapy and KaleidoVisions.

Today, we are no longer producing DVDs...

Now, we have released our ENTIRE catalog of 50 High Definition Awe-Inspiring Video Programs in one product -- called "The Relaxation Video Library", contained on a single USB flash drive. The programs are ALL so beautiful it is hard to choose which one to watch!

We hope you enjoy the programs as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Larry & Cheryl Deutman, Founders and Creators of Earth VideoWorks.


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